A project. A community. A bike.

Bridge Bike creates bridges. This starts as fun, affordable and useful transportation to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Bridge Bike is also a project about creating transportation options. This part is rooted in the practical: defining, designing and building Bridge Bikes. These bikes fill personal transportation gaps. We take on this project as a community that cares about practical issues of meeting needs and creating bikes.

We take on all aspects of this creation: being informed, creating specifications, designing and building bikes. In the process we educate, experiment and learn. Videos and online collaboration of this first Bridge Bike is online. To join or just follow along join us at The YouTube Bridge Bike Series. We expect the first bike will be followed by others. Please join us.

The Bridge Bike itself connects those who want transportation that beats walking or simple bicycles and don't want all the fuss and bother of a car. Bridge Bike does not require any kind of license, can be ridden and parked where bicycles go, and can be used by anyone who can ride an adult bike. Getting and using a Bridge Bike is as simple as a bicycle yet Bridge Bike has some features of a car. Useful for all, Bridge Bike was largely inspired by the growing number of teens who need to get around but don't want a driver's license or the costs and responsibilies that come with car ownership.

Bridge Bike connects people to transit. The people who are are giving up cars in favor of ride sharing services and public transportation lower their footprint but often drive inconvienences and costs. Bridge Bike deals with first and last mile issues; it can be used to get you to the train and parked (even permanently left at one end of a commute). Some of you will take your Bridge Bike on the train.

Bridge Bike is a economic bridge. The bike itself is low cost with minimal overhead to use. It's good in both urban and suburban settings. It gets you around easily and conveiently on your schedule and your terms. It's fun, sporty and practical. It's cheap.

To buy a bridge bike or contribute:
Email: info@bridgebike.net

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